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Prescription Lenses

Progressive Lenses - These lenses are sometimes called "no line bifocals."  They allow a person to see all distances depending on which portion of the lens is being used.  The top portion of the lens is designed for the distance portion of the prescription and the farther down the lens, the nearer the area of focus.  This lens has virtually an uninterrupted visual range from near to far, a true multitasking lens.

Bifocals - These are eyeglasses with two distinct regions, one typically for distance vision and one for close-up use like reading.  Bifocals can be utilized for a wide variety of specific tasks and offer a larger area for near vision than progressives.

Trifocals - Often confused with progressives, trifocals are eyeglasses with  three distinct regions on the lens to correct for distance, intermediate (arm's length), and near vision.  Trifocal lenses are made in similar styles to bifocals, but with an additional segment for intermediate vision.  Great for those who require that arm's length distance but are unable to wear progressives.

Single Vision - Lenses with one strength of prescription. They are usually used for aiding your distance vision in a specific activity, like driving, or for helping with vision up close, like reading.

Anti-Reflective Lenses - As the name implies, they reduce reflections within the lens from overhead lights and computer screens.  Furthermore, they allow more light to pass through the lens which can help clear up vision in low light situations.  We truly believe in and recommend these lenses to everyone at Coosaw Eye Center.

Photochromic Lenses
- Commonly referred to as Transitions, these lenses turn darker when exposed to direct sunlight.  Transitions brand now has an XtraActive lens that will darken more outside than the original and will slightly change while driving in a car.

Coosaw Eye Center offers full eyeglass maintenance services to customers and patients.
This includes nosepad replacement, hinge tightening, adjustments, and eyewear cleaning free of charge.

Keeping your Eyeglasses looking new!